How about making Another Blog?

Heyyoooo, i think i want make more than one blog, i think it will not easy as i said.
How i can moderate 2 Blogs, i do not know, but for my new blog i wanna share in different language, YUPZZZZ . . .  in ENGLISH :D

Hey, why you do not make bilingual BLOG?
Ahahahaha, i always making conversation on my blog and always bla bla before i go on to the point, so how if i make bilingual, it will be like make a book, very bored to read and too long in my blog, so if from another Country anywhere #HELLO !, come and see my new blog #althought i am still thinking about it.

So you do not need to use Google translate at my sidebar, it may take a long time to translate and spend your bandwidth #ahahahahahah  . . . .

It will not different maybe all article from My DELLilah's blog i transfer to ENGLISH in my new Blog, about name?? i am still thinking about it. Any suggestion??

Ohohohohho . . .  Happy Blogging :D


  1. Hmm, need new name for your new blog hha so what about "My SillyDuck" ? ;p

  2. definitely NOPE |P !!!!!



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