Wanna be confidence? Play English :D

Ahahahahaa, if you love korean brand, definetly you know that's slogan huh??!!

Yapz, now i already finished my diploma III of Management Informatics, i ever posted it before yea?, and of course now it is time to get job, yeah at least i can continuing my school in Bachelor Degree but for next semester i must find the way to pay it by myself.

Ilustrated by http://www.learnenglish24-7.com
Ok my experience when i want to get the job, i think i am not too good for english so in my CV i just put i understand ENGLISH just enough for me #silly, i am not CONFIDENCE to say "yeah sir i can speak ENGLISH fluently". You know why i am not sure to said that word?

I never follow any ENGLISH PROGRAM let say like course or another ENGLISH's institution, never, play by myself like watching with no subtitle or with ENGLISH subtitle and oh  yeah i love western music than Indonesian #i dont know why, but i love Indonesia #hag hag hag . . .

Ok so the point is you should have learn ENGLISH if you want feel better when you want get a job, so it will be point  plus plus for you #i thought

but for me, it will work :D.
Ok Sayonara   . . .  .

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